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Introducing our versatile Base Mount Kit, specially designed to enhance your ActionCam experience. This comprehensive package includes 2x flat and 2x curved mounts, all equipped with reliable 3M VHB double-sided adhesive pads for unbeatable stability on any adventure.


  1. Secure Attachment: Safely attach your ActionCam to curved surfaces with our industrial-strength waterproof adhesive mounts. These mounts guarantee a stable connection, providing you with the confidence to capture your most thrilling moments.
  2. Curved Surface Stability: The kit includes two Curved Adhesive Mounts, specifically designed to ensure your camera stays firmly in place on helmets or other curved surfaces. Experience worry-free recording in any environment.
  3. Replacement Convenience: Need extra mounts? Our kit comes with two additional Curved Adhesive Mounts, making it easy to replace or expand your setup. Stay prepared for any filming scenario.
  4. Easy Application: These double-sided adhesive mounts are user-friendly and can be effortlessly applied to almost any curved surface. Enjoy the convenience of a secure camera attachment without the hassle.
  5. Heat-Removable: When you’re ready to remove the mounts, simply use heat, such as a hair dryer, for a straightforward and residue-free removal process. Your gear stays intact, and your surfaces remain undamaged.
  6. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with ALL ActionCams, our Base Mount Kit is designed to accommodate a wide range of camera models, ensuring seamless integration with your existing equipment.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Curved Surface Attachment
  • 2 x Flat Surface Attachment
  • 4 x 3M VHB Double-Sided Adhesive Pads

Enhance your filming capabilities with the Base Mount Kit, designed for durability, reliability, and easy use. Capture your adventures with confidence, knowing your ActionCam is securely mounted for the perfect shot every time. Order your Base Mount Kit today and take your filming experience to new heights!

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