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Elevate your action camera experience with our Universal Helmet Mount Accessory Kit, a comprehensive set designed to maximize versatility and convenience. This basic accessories kit includes essential components to ensure a secure and customizable setup for your action camera.

Key Components:

  1. J-Shape Bracket Base: The J-shape design provides a stable platform for your action camera, allowing you to capture immersive and dynamic footage from unique angles. Mount your camera effortlessly for a hands-free recording experience.
  2. Long Connector and Short Connector: Achieve the perfect camera positioning with the long and short connectors included in the kit. Customize your setup to capture every moment exactly the way you want it, whether you’re capturing extreme sports or everyday adventures.
  3. Long Screw: The durable long screw ensures a tight and secure connection between components, preventing any wobbling or shifting during intense activities. Count on the long screw to keep your camera steady in any situation.
  4. Flat/Curved Surface Base: This versatile base accommodates both flat and curved surfaces, offering flexibility in mounting options. Whether you’re attaching your camera to a helmet, skateboard, or any other surface, this base provides a reliable connection for uninterrupted filming.
  5. Adhesive Sticker: The adhesive sticker ensures a strong and stable attachment to various surfaces. Whether you’re exploring rough terrains or speeding down a slope, trust the adhesive sticker to keep your camera securely in place.

Universal Compatibility: This accessory kit is universally compatible with most action cameras, offering a seamless fit with popular brands. Enjoy the flexibility to use this kit with your existing camera setup, ensuring a hassle-free and adaptable filming experience.

Upgrade your action camera accessories with the Basic Accessories Kit – the go-to solution for capturing your adventures with precision and ease. Order now and unlock new possibilities for creating stunning, hands-free footage in any environment!

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