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Unleash Your Creativity with Telesin’s New Vest Style Chest Strap Mount


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Are you ready to capture stunning footage from unique perspectives? Telesin’s innovative Vest Style Chest Strap Mount is here to take your photography and videography to new heights! Let’s explore how this revolutionary accessory can enhance your adventures:


  1. Vest Style Design: Experience unparalleled stability and comfort with our vest-style chest strap mount, designed to securely hold your camera while distributing weight evenly across your torso.
  2. Adjustable Straps: Achieve the perfect fit every time! Our chest strap mount features adjustable straps to accommodate various body sizes and ensure a snug and secure fit for all-day wear.
  3. 360° Rotatable Mount: Capture every angle effortlessly! The mount allows for 360° rotation, giving you the freedom to adjust the camera’s position to suit your shooting needs without removing the harness.
  4. Universal Compatibility: Whether you’re using a GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, or other action cameras, our chest strap mount is compatible with a wide range of devices, offering versatility for all your photography and videography needs.


  1. Stability and Comfort: Enjoy unmatched stability and comfort during your adventures, thanks to the vest-style design that evenly distributes weight and minimizes camera shake, resulting in smoother footage.
  2. Secure Fit: With adjustable straps, our chest strap mount ensures a secure and customizable fit, preventing slippage or discomfort while you’re on the move, allowing you to focus solely on capturing the moment.
  3. Versatile Shooting Angles: Capture dynamic shots from various perspectives with ease, thanks to the 360° rotatable mount, giving you the flexibility to adjust the camera angle on the fly without interrupting your flow.
  4. Wide Compatibility: Our chest strap mount is compatible with a range of action cameras, offering universal compatibility and eliminating the need for multiple mounts, streamlining your gear setup for hassle-free shooting sessions.


  1. Professional-Quality Footage: Experience professional-grade stability and smoothness in your footage, elevating the overall quality of your photos and videos and enhancing your storytelling capabilities.
  2. Hands-Free Convenience: Enjoy hands-free shooting, allowing you to focus on your adventure while capturing immersive footage from a unique perspective, enhancing the authenticity and spontaneity of your content.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort and fatigue during extended shooting sessions, as our vest-style chest strap mount ensures optimal weight distribution and support, enabling you to stay in the moment and capture uninterrupted footage.
  4. Streamlined Gear Setup: Simplify your gear setup with our universal chest strap mount, reducing the need for multiple mounts and accessories, and allowing for a more streamlined and efficient shooting experience.

Unleash your creativity and capture breathtaking moments from unique perspectives with Telesin’s Vest Style Chest Strap Mount!

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