Tempered glass film for GoPro Hero 12 11 10 9

We are thrilled to introduce our Screen Protector Accessory Kit, designed exclusively for GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11 (2020 new version). Let’s explore the exceptional features that make this kit a game-changer, the advantages it brings to your GoPro usage, and the myriad benefits you’ll enjoy.


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Features & Compatibility


  1. Perfect Compatibility: Tailored for GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11 (2020 new version), our screen protector fits seamlessly, ensuring optimal protection without compromising functionality.
  2. High-Definition and High-Sensitivity: Boasting 99.99% high-transparency, our screen protector provides crystal-clear visuals without distorting pixels. Say goodbye to eyestrain, as our exclusive high-definition technology creates a perfect visual feast.
  3. Easy Installation and Usage: The PCTC screen protector is designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring a fully functional touch screen. The edge-aligned design makes installation a breeze, offering you convenience without sacrificing protection.
  4. 9H Hardness and Daily Protection: With a 9H hardness and a slim 0.3mm thick 6-layer coating, our screen protector offers robust daily protection against high-impact drops, scratches, and sharp objects, preserving the integrity of your GoPro’s screen.


  • Seamless Visual Experience: Our high-definition technology ensures that you experience your GoPro footage in its truest form, reducing eyestrain and enhancing the overall visual experience.
  • Effortless Operation: The PCTC screen protector maintains the full functionality of your GoPro’s touch screen, allowing you to navigate and capture moments with ease.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: The edge-aligned design simplifies the installation process, making it user-friendly for everyone, from beginners to seasoned GoPro enthusiasts.
  • Durable Protection: The 9H hardness and 0.3mm thickness provide reliable daily protection, safeguarding your camera screen from unexpected impacts and potential damage.


  1. Preserve Clarity and Comfort: Enjoy a clear, distortion-free view of your GoPro footage, reducing eyestrain and allowing you to relive your adventures with clarity and comfort.
  2. Uninterrupted Creativity: With a fully functional touch screen, you can capture and navigate through your content seamlessly, unleashing your creativity without any hindrance.
  3. Long-lasting Investment: The durable protection our screen protector offers ensures your GoPro screen remains in pristine condition, extending the life of your valuable camera equipment.

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