Telesin Waterproof case for GoPro Hero 9

Dive into the Depths with Confidence using Telesin Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 9/10


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Key Features: 🚀 Waterproof Marvel: Immerse your GoPro Hero 9/10 up to 148ft (45m) with our reliable waterproof housing. Capture stunning underwater moments without worry.

🌐 Uninterrupted Movement: The anti-surf pressure design ensures your freedom of movement remains unhindered, preserving your photographic prowess even in challenging conditions.

πŸ” Crystal-Clear Lens: The high organic tempered glass lens guarantees excellent photo shooting, maintaining the clarity and vividness of your underwater adventures.

πŸ”§ Perfect Fit: Specifically designed for GoPro Hero 9/10 action cameras, our waterproof case ensures a seamless fit for your device.

πŸš€ Easy Installation: Experience hassle-free setup with our user-friendly design. Install the case effortlessly and embark on your underwater exploration.

Take the Plunge! Elevate your underwater photography game with Telesin’s Waterproof Case.

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Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 14.8 × 12.8 × 16 cm


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