Magnetic two claw adapter for DJI Action 3/4 camera

Unlock new perspectives and mounting possibilities for your DJI Action 3/4 camera with our Magnetic Two Claw Adapter. Engineered for seamless integration and unparalleled flexibility, this adapter empowers you to explore creative angles and capture dynamic shots effortlessly.


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Features & Compatibility

Key Features:

  1. Magnetic Attachment:
    • Two powerful magnetic claws ensure a secure and stable connection to your DJI Action 3/4 camera.
    • Effortlessly attach and detach the adapter for quick transitions between setups.
  2. Versatile Mounting Options:
    • Dual claw design enables flexible positioning on various surfaces, providing multiple shooting perspectives.
    • Compatible with a range of magnetic-friendly surfaces, offering endless creative possibilities.
  3. 360-Degree Rotational Freedom:
    • Achieve the perfect camera angle with the adapter’s 360-degree rotation capability.
    • Capture shots from any orientation, ensuring your footage stands out with diverse viewpoints.
  4. Durable Construction:
    • Crafted from high-quality materials, the adapter guarantees durability and longevity.
    • Withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and demanding shooting conditions.
  5. Compact and Lightweight:
    • Portable design allows for easy transportation in your camera bag or pocket.
    • Minimal added weight ensures your setup remains agile and user-friendly.
  6. Enhanced Creative Possibilities:
    • Ideal for vloggers, content creators, and adventure enthusiasts seeking unique and captivating shots.
    • Elevate your storytelling with the flexibility to mount your DJI Action 3/4 camera in innovative ways.

Transform your shooting experience with the Magnetic Two Claw Adapter for DJI Action 3/4. Embrace creativity, versatility, and convenience in every shot. Order now and elevate your content to new heights!

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