Dual Mounts head strap- front and back POV

Introducing our Dual Mounts Head Strap – a revolutionary accessory designed for both front and back point-of-view (POV) action camera filming. This head strap features a quick-release buckle, providing swift and effortless attachment and removal of your action camera, ensuring you never miss a moment of your adventure.


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Features & Compatibility

Key Features:

  1. Quick-Release Buckle for Swift Action: The innovative quick-release buckle enables rapid attachment and detachment of your action camera, allowing you to transition seamlessly between shots without missing a beat.
  2. Versatile Head Mounting: Easily mount your action camera on your head for immersive front and back POV footage. Capture your experiences hands-free with the perfect point of view, providing a unique and dynamic perspective.
  3. Designed for Convenience: Tailored for easy on and off, this dual mounts head strap ensures a hassle-free experience. Effortlessly gear up for your activities and disengage just as easily when your adventure concludes.
  4. Sturdy and Comfortable Build: Crafted from durable and high-quality nylon material, this head strap guarantees a sturdy and reliable mount. Designed with your comfort in mind, it provides a secure fit for comfortable shooting during any activity.
  5. Secure Action Camera Placement: Engineered to keep your action camera securely on your head while exercising, this dual mounts head strap allows you to focus on your activity while capturing captivating footage from your unique perspective.

Elevate your filming experience with the Dual Mounts Head Strap – the perfect accessory for adventurers seeking versatility and ease of use. Order now and immerse yourself in hands-free action camera filming like never before!

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 14.4 × 12.9 × 10 cm


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