CPL Lens filter for GoPro Hero 12 11 10 9

Upgrade your GoPro HERO 12/11/10/9 videography and photography with the CPL Lens Filter – your key to unlocking new dimensions of creativity. This essential accessory enriches your visual storytelling in various scenarios, offering unparalleled control over light and reflections.


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Features & Compatibility

Key Features:

  1. Versatile ND Filter Application:
    • Speed in Sports: Capture dynamic motion with precision. When engaging in high-speed sports like motorcycle riding, use the ND filter to introduce motion blur, providing a cinematic effect to your footage.
    • Night Sky Photography: Embrace the beauty of the night sky. The CPL filter assists in light painting pictures, allowing you to capture stunning and atmospheric shots in low-light conditions.
  2. CPL Functionality for Optimal Image Quality:
    • Darken Over-Bright Skies: Achieve balanced exposures by reducing the brightness of over-exposed skies. Ideal for outdoor shots where the sky may be too bright compared to the rest of the scene.
    • Reflection Reduction: Minimize unwanted reflections on surfaces, ensuring clarity and detail in your shots.
    • Glare Suppression: Combat glare from water surfaces, enhancing the visibility of underwater scenes. Perfect for capturing vibrant marine life or water-related activities.
  3. Color Enhancement:
    • Deepen Blue Skies: Experience deeper and more vibrant blue skies, adding richness to your outdoor footage.
    • Color Saturation: Colors become more saturated, contributing to a visually striking and captivating result.

Application Scenarios:

  • Sports Videography (Motorcycle Riding)
  • Night Sky Photography (Light Painting)
  • Outdoor Shots with Bright Skies
  • Water Scenes with Reflections and Glare

Compatibility: Compatible with GoPro HERO 12, HERO 11, HERO 10, and HERO 9 cameras, ensuring seamless integration with your device.

Elevate your GoPro storytelling – Order your CPL Lens Filter today and immerse your audience in breathtaking visuals.

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