Why it is important to have a Dash Camera in India

Why it is important to have a Dash Camera in India

Dash cameras have become the trend suddenly, especially since a many car buyers are slowly preferring safety over cost and mileage. We’re glad that the time is coming where ‘”kitni safe hai?” is soon catching up with “kitna deti hai?”. This is the way to go, especially we have a huge population with all kinds of vehicles, a mix of roads across the country and most importantly- a judiciary that needs a lot of push in order to have your word out.

While we aren’t here to point fingers because you really can’t do much unless you have proof and neither are we here to lecture you on vehicle safety because you know better. We do want to tell you the best possible ways a Dash Camera can protect you legally and financially ‘after’ an incident has occurred because that is when the pain and troubles start for anyone who has an insured vehicle and a legal process to follow.

Dash camera important for india

Here are reasons to buy a GOOD Dash camera (not those non- branded ones you find on large-scale e-commerce websites) for your own safety:

  1. Proof at hand is proof for all:
    If you’ve noticed, in most accidents that occur in India, there is a tendency of fingers being pointed at the larger vehicle or more expensive vehicle without much research or knowledge of why the accident actually occurred. Though this isn’t a norm, it is often seen especially if a two wheeler is involved. During such instances, the footage of the accident recorded on the Dash camera serves to be the only way in which a driver can prove his innocence (if he’s actually innocent) around a group of people waiting to do justice by the highway. It is recommended to take backup of the footage on the phone/ laptop at the earliest too.

    Dash camera important for india

    See the unseen

  2. Insurance woes:
    Though we live in the 21st century- the age of speedy deliveries and online convenience. Claiming automobile insurance is still a task for many car owners. Of course, the hassles involved also depend on the insurance company and nature of accident but most owners will tell you that convincing the insurance company in the best way so as to get compensated is quite difficult. Things get real bad when claims get rejected for lack of details or proof. It is easy for an insurance company to reject claims on a number of points and the ultimate task of bearing the financial brunt goes to the owner of the car. But, if a dash camera footage of the accident is handed over to the insurance company, then there would be less or no questions asked to the owner. The case would most probably be treated as a legitimate accident leading to reimbursement of the lost amount- hence saving money and time.

    Dash camera important for india

    Why pay for someone else’s fault?

  3. Legal Battle:
    If an accident case has to be fought in court, we all know how long and tedious the proceedings can be. On top of that, the charges for a lawyer, convincing by standers to appear as witnesses, obtaining reports from vehicle dealer, etc is a lot of tension to the mind and body. Legal proceedings can drain a person out. A dash camera though could ease the tension a bit since dashcam footage of accidents are treated as substantial evidence by the law. This would reduce court hearings, thereby saving your time, the court’s time and by reducing a lot other problems you might have to put yourself through if you didn’t have a dash camera!

    Dash camera important for india

    Faster verdicts

    While the above points are the primary reasons to have a dash camera, there are many others to note down. In a scenario where we have an ever ‘developing’ legal and business infrastructure and an ever- expanding population, a dash camera could turn out to be your modern day Superhero.

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