Making the best use of your Action Cams for Motorcycle adventures

Making the best use of your Action Cams for Motorcycle adventures

As an increasing number of adventurers, travellers and motorcyclists are out there sharing some amazing clips and vlogs, we at ActionCams India thought of putting together information on the best ways to make use of your Action Cameras on motorcycle trips and adventures. Not just any other cliche info, but proper, genuine tips that could make a difference to the way you record videos and capture photos on long rides. Read on, mate!
Jumping straight to the point, we’re highlighting the basics of managing your action camera in varying conditions, managing accessories, memory, power, etc.


While a standard bike mount comes with our GitUp action cams, consider adding at least one more mount to your kitty, especially for those unplanned shots. Trust us when we say that, a lot of the times, the mounts we take along as per what we’ve planned to shoot are sometimes left unused. When creativity kicks in, all plans go down the drain so carrying a variety of mounts does help to try that different angle or perspective. Not only mounts! Personally speaking, the following items should be carried on all expeditions for a smooth shooting experience – a battery bank, a spare charger, a spare data card, and at least one or two more mounts. The creatively inclined amongst us may also want to consider using a spare tripod mount – god sent for those moments when you want to combine mounts and capture footage at crazy angles. The fact we’re able to get all items we mentioned to India at affordable rates makes your decision of getting equipped that much simpler to implement.

GitUp Git3 Duo action camera In India best budget action camera than Gopro on

Some ‘must haves’ for any action packed adventure.

Data Management:

As you begin to use your camera more often, you’ll quickly realize how soon a data card gets used up. And in case you record on 4K that most of our cams support, you’ll soon be a ‘data broke traveller’. Carrying a spare data card is just another option. You could carry a few more perhaps. If you’ve got a backup device with you on your travels like a laptop that can be used to transfer data onto a hard drive or a smartphone with lots of storage space in it, that is excellent! But what if you haven’t? That’s when planning comes into picture. Identifying towns that have the facility of accessing a computer, extra memory cards to carry, where to use the action camera and if you should record videos or click pictures, using the action camera in a ‘memory reserve’ mode are options you could consider, especially if you’re on a tight budget and have ruled out the option of purchasing more memory. But that can happen, only if you have planned your adventure by date and destination, so you could fit in these aspects and make better decisions regarding data. Oh yes, when you backup data, ensure to label files and folders by dates and locations so you can find the footage you need in a jiffy.

yi Lite action camrera tips and tricks for action cams motorcycling memory card actioncams

It’s better to keep the memory in the green region.

Battery Management:

In addition to carrying a power bank and a spare charger, think about ways in which you can conserve battery power. For example, do not play back your videos on the camera screen after every shot, and keep your battery warm and protected. In cold climates, you can even use self-heating products like Warmee to heat up your battery. When we head out on adventures, we usually carry a spare battery and glance through the map a few minutes before heading out. That helps in identifying potential shooting spots and at other times, the Action Cam remains switched off. Many a times, people record the whole adventure for no reason which results in high consumption of not only battery power but also memory. What’s worse? Getting back home and filtering out the unnecessary stuff. But what if you you’re travelling with a guide and have no idea of the route ahead to plan your shots? Simple, just ask the guide for potential photo stops! 🙂

Action camera tips and tricks for motorcycling action cams Gitup 2 battery backup

Without battery backup, you do tend to miss out on things.

Weather Protection:

Your camera along with its housing, by itself may be all weather-proof, but is the rest of your equipment and electronic accessories like gimbals, chargers, battery banks, etc, all weather proof too? The key to a long-lasting relationship with your camera is to be able to maintain it even while in use. Extreme conditions are common while riding – heat, dust, ice, snow and rain can all damage your equipment. It is best to be prepared for such circumstances. Solution? Carry an Action Cams carry case with you that aids in storing many more things apart from the Action Cam itself or, you could ensure to keep all that in dry bags.

action camera tips and tricks for motorcycling Yi Lite for biking actioncams

A short hike with the Yi Lite Action Camera on a cold, windy morning.


The ability to capture videos or pictures from different angles can make or break your visual construct. It is always a good idea to have a couple of places on your bike where you can safely mount your camera, in addition to your helmet. Popular options are the handlebars (centered, as well as to the side), on your tank, to the side of your bike etc. You can turn the camera 360 degrees for experimenting with different views as well. Make sure that when you mount your camera, it doesn’t vibrate too much as you ride, and that in case of a fall, it is always protected.
The best angles for your camera are probably your helmet, and then your chest. This is for two reasons – these two positions come closest to your own field of vision, and also, they are the most stable. When you head out to capture some film, make sure you come back with at least a few different angles of video. The wide angle on an action camera always makes for interesting frames, no matter where you mount it. If you have such an interesting perspective or place to mount, do share with us in the comments below!

Tips and tricks for action camera for motorcycling biking actioncams gitup slave camera for royal enfield

Gitup G3 Duo’s slave cam mounted on the rear of a Himalayan. Front and rear footage were later merged. Looked great on trails!

Enhancing videos:

Some simple tricks can really enhance the overall quality of the final video you make. For example, you can include your own self in the video. It gives the viewer a focal point, and a frame of reference to those amazing panoramic views. You could also speak to the viewer, explaining the surroundings, adding effects with sound etc (yells, panting, whoops). And most importantly, before you set out to edit your final footage, brush up on the editing basics – splicing, cutting frames or adding music (there’s nothing worse than editing a video to the point of torture only to realise you’ve lost most of your original footage!). Timelapse and hyperlapse videos are also easy to make and will give you an enchanting overall composition.

Below is an example of a short but creative video made by one of our team members when he was out testing on of our Action Cams in traffic!

Got any pointers to share with us? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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