Is someone selling you an action camera for ₹2000 to ₹3000? Read this before you buy it!

Is someone selling you an action camera for ₹2000 to ₹3000? Read this before you buy it!

We’ve all seen various sponsored ads on social media of 4K HD action cameras being sold for as little as ₹2000 and that can make anybody excited. Including us, especially since we’ve been dealing with action cameras for about half a decade now and have never come across such offers from anyone in the world, unless the action cameras produced blank videos or were prone to blowing up 😀

While the excitement wasn’t similar to that of a customer’s, we were quite sure that this campaign was a fraudulent one by just looking at one of their social media pages. We then used something quite rare in this physical existence to make our claim stronger, a tool we absolutely love. Hint: Humans claim it to be a common thing among them but it is usually the opposite. Didn’t get it? You’ll find it at the end of this article.

Jokes apart- the matter grew quite grim when people began to comment on these sponsored ads of how they received a different product from what they ordered and the matter doesn’t end there. When many applied for a refund, they never received it. And that was why we thought we’d help you identify points that could save you from ‘action camera cheats’.

fake action cameras online

An angry buyer, and another one in the comments. Identities of profiles remain hidden.

  1. 4K HD action camera:  When you see those words on an an action cam ad, it is time to immediately sit up straight and switch your mind to ‘suspicion’ mode. There are so many brands out there that claim their action cameras to be 4K HD, but are they really 4K? Over and above that, think and see if someone would really sell you such a high definition camera for a price that comes close to the cost of a Micro SD memory card. Though people don’t really need 4K to shoot good quality videos (we’ll talk about that in detail some other day), many fall for the easy trap of buying a 4K HD camera for such a cheap rate. But, that’s the trap you need to save yourself from in case you get tempted by these misleading ads. #4Kisnoteverything
    Fake action cameras online

    Though 4K is not a reality every time, this camera went too low perhaps.

  2. Check for feedback:
    Do you read the comments other buyers post on these sponsored add or at least try knowing another user’s buying experience? Most of the times, these ads are so tempting that people buy the product blindly without doing basic research and that is something you need to do. A common tendency of cheated buyers is to go back to the sponsored post (if they’re able to find it) and type out their experience in the comments to prevent new buyers from being cheated and we personally think that is a great thing to do. So next time, do hold your horses and check the comments before clicking on ‘buy now’. #checkbeforeyoubuy
  3. Brand Relevance:
    Another thing we noticed about these fake brands is that they didn’t have any posts on social media pages and yet, had a following of more than a thousand people. That is really weird but what else can they do, a fake brand will be inclined to pay for fake likes in order to dupe customers. If you’re a vigilant buyer, you will check their page out before buying the action camera in the first place. So, if you feel something is fishy about a page selling action cameras or accessories for dirt cheap rates, you know something is definitely wrong. #dalmeinkuchkaalahai.

    beware of fake action cameras online

    No posts but 1597 followers! Must be something

  4. Just wait:
    This is the best thing to do if you see a brand that claims to be new in the market but is selling action cameras at giveaway prices. Wait for buyers to upload their experiences (because there will be buyers for such products, no matter how much awareness you spread) and then take a call of whether or not to buy the action camera(s). If you’re a ‘binge shopper’ , this is your agnipariksha as you will be required to wait and watch until the signal turns green. We know that good things come to those who wait, but we also realised that bad things don’t come to those who wait too! #wisewords.

Alt the end of all that though, ensure to check as much as you can as to you genuine the brand is, explore their website, about us section, etc to get a basic idea of whether or not they mean serious business.

beware of fake cameras online

A little bit of online research could also fetch you posts of buyer complaints on consumer protection websites

So then, the above points came quite instinctively to us and with so many people losing money on fake deals, we thought we’d step in as the ‘action cam squad’. Quite fancy, eh? To answer the point we had been making in the beginning, the answer was ‘common sense’. Don’t you think so?
If you feel you could add something to the above points or have an opinion to share with us, please feel free to hit us up in the comments section below.
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