Chase adventures, its MONSOON!

Chase adventures, its MONSOON!

Everyone vows to travel more these days, after all those breakups, long hours at the office desk, irritating traffic jams and pollution eventually get to you. However, the only way to break away from this monotony is by going on an adventure (let us know if you’ve got other alternatives). And, if you liked getting dirty on an adventure (keep those evil double meaning thoughts aside), then the monsoon season is¬†the time to stay indoors. Not really, you are mistaken.

We think there is no better time to get out on an adventure other than in the rainy season. The smell of the jungle blooming, wet trails, birds whistling happy tunes and the mountains pouring all that extra water into a river/ lake gets magical. But, the real magic happens when you manage to get out of bed early on a cold, wet morning. That is the biggest challenge on any adventure. ūüôā

What’s most important during the rains is to put your smartphone in a waterproof pouch, leave it there for a good long time because it’s time to get those Action Cameras out! Then, you just pick a place and head out on backpacking tour or any of the below adventures specially picked out by us. A set of different mounts may be needed for the action camera. Here’s something that could help you.

While holding your dear life by a rope might sound scary, for some this sport can actually be an adventure – water rappelling. Refresh yourself while you find yourself descending down a waterfall. As scary and exciting as it sounds, make sure to have the best safety while experts guide you.

Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh are replete with rappelling locations with the lower Himalayas making a perfect terrain to hone your skills. Just be sure of the treacherous terrain up there in the Himalayas.Down to the south and west of India, the western ghats right from Sahyadris in Maharashtra and from Dandeli down to Coorg are the perfect foil for the adventure hearted. The unexplored North East India is another haven for rappelling enthusiasts.

Recommended ActionCam mount for rappeling: ThiEYE chest harness


One paddle at a time:
There are times when you can enjoy travelling with others and there are times when you must paddle our own canoe. And if you happen to like outside and want to take a break from civilisation, canoeing is just a paddle away. So go find the closest channel of water where canoeing is a thing and paddle down your own road.

Recommended ActionCam mounts for Canoeing:¬†ThiEYE chest¬†harness, JAW Clamp mount¬†, 48″Monopod

Action camera for canoeing gopro budget action cam india

Don’t miss that photo op!

If you never did, you should. Kayaking is fun and fun is good. If serenity, peace and getting lost in the moment are what you wish, you can find your passion in a kayak. Watch a sunset over a lake, get closer to nature, explore crevices, wildlife and much more only by kayaking.

Canoeing and Kayaking have gained popularity down south especially in Kerala with a host of festivals and competitions being conducted during the monsoon. Up north, the higher bases of the Himalayas are known for providing a hardcore white water rafting experience.

Recommended ActionCam mounts for Kayaking:¬†ThiEYE chest¬†harness,¬†JAW Clamp mount¬†,¬†48″Monopod

Action camera for kayaking gopro budget action cam india

Water above and water below. That’s a fun activity!

Get set, Bike:

There is a different feeling when it comes to pushing the pedals with the rain pouring down. Monsoon cycling can only get really exciting, especially when you have the right kind of gear on you. Forest trails, scenic highways or tiny town roads, using an ActionCam on any part of the cycle in these conditions can offer an extremely unique and fun perspective. The monsoon showers? They will certainly add to the sense of freedom, joy and accomplishment.

Recommended ActionCam mounts for Cycling:¬†ThiEYE chest¬†harness,¬†JAW Clamp mount¬†,¬†48″Monopod¬†, Bike Handle mount

Action camera for cycling gopro budget action cam india

Let the rain and cold not stop you

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Action camera for cycling gopro budget action cam india

Mount it anywhere on your Bicycle and watch yourself after the ride. Image shot on Yi Lite action camera.


Let‚Äôs Messi:Monsoon adds a different essence to some of the sports that you might be indulging in regularly. If you are a football fanatic, here is the best chance for you to get ‚ÄėMessi‚Äô! All you need to do is put on those football studs, gather a bunch of friends and hit the slushy fields. Playing football in the rain will definitely set your adrenaline pumping and make the sport a bit challenging.

Action camera football gopro budget action cam

Get dirty in the rain, splash dirt. Our cams won’t let you down.

Trek the summit:
Who doesn’t enjoy soaking in the scenic view from the summit? If you are hungry for some of this, make sure to head to some of the hotspots on the outskirts of your city. Sinhagad, Lohagad- Visapur, Purandhar, Rajmachi and Dukes Nose are some of the popular destinations that guarantee mini-waterfalls, unending greenery and peace of mind. Lookout for popular treks and hikes on the outskirts of your city to begin with.

Recommended ActionCam mounts for treks and hikes:¬†ThiEYE chest¬†harness¬†,¬†48″Monopod¬†, 3- way adjustable pole grip with tripod

Trekking with an action camera gopro or not gopro budget action cam

Wouldn’t such adventures be ideal to capture wide angle top quality photos or videos?

Though this consumes fuel unlike other activities mentioned above, motorcycle rides in the monsoon to areas like places like Panchgani, Western ghats, Coorg, and other lush green forests could turn out to be quite an adventure. What’s better? The taste of hot Chai by the highway after getting drenched. Rides to LEH are a common scene this season too and if you’re up for it then why not go the extra mile?

Recommended ActionCam combination for Motorcycling: Yi Lite Action Camera + 

ThiEYE chest¬†harness,¬†JAW Clamp mount¬†,¬†48″Monopod¬†,¬†Bike Handle mount

action cam for motorcycling gopro

The kawasaki Z800 going through the twisties on a rainy day while being followed by a KTM Duke 390

So the next time you crave for adrenaline while the rain pours, grab your #ActionCam and get out to experience the thrills of monsoon adventure.

~ #TheActionCamssquad

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