ActionCam Care- Pre and Post Lockdown

With the recent lockdown and the dreaded virus eager to go everywhere, we’re going through challenging times right now and that means we take utmost care of ourselves in every way. But that doesn’t mean we forget all the paraphernalia that has has helped us chase beautiful adventures all this while. Your motorcycle, gear, luggage, action Cameras.

These partners in crime need their share of care and looking after too, especially if you’re going to be storing them in one place for a long time. Since, we know best about ActionCams, we’d share some tips with you that would help you maintain them.


Cleaning :
It is ideal to clean an ActionCam with a moist, soft/ micro fibre cloth or even better if you have a glass cleaner and use it to wipe surfaces gently. You may also clean the waterproof case (if you use one) with water separately and wipe it dry with a micro fibre cloth. Small gaps and ridges are places where dirt would mostly find to settle so it is good to have a keen eye in those areas. On the safe side, remove the battery and memory card from the ActionCam before you start cleaning it.

If you’re not going to be using your ActionCam for a long time, it is ideal to store it a cool, safe and dry place with the battery removed. This would ensure there is not leak in charge as well. Also, Ensure you store the ActionCam away from other electronic equipments that generate a magnetic field since that may damage internal electronic components over a period of time depending on the strength of the magnetic field.

Sanitizing electronics isn’t as easy as it sounds. One needs to be careful in order to not make things too hot. Sanitizers are flammable substances so ensure you don’t directly spray sanitizer onto your ActionCam if it is switched on. Instead, keep the ActionCam swiched off at all times and apply sanitizer onto your hand. Then, gently apply it on your ActionCam and ensure to sanitize those areas specifically we touch the most like power button and shutter buttons. Once you have sanitized your ActionCam, it is ideal to start using it after a few minutes once the liquid on it has dried completely. Sanitizing after every session of usage would be a good thing to do, just to be 100% safe.

Apart from the above points, some manufacturers recommend using the cameras at least once a month, just to keep the electronics fresh and working. While we don’t see a necessity in it, you could try and use your ActionCam once in a while just for fun. Use it at home for a time lapse, or to click random selfies, or to even click pictures of the sunset from your house. Life’s not that boring eh?

With the situation changing everyday and as the lockdown norms being relaxed gradually, we’d finally find the place and time to chase adventures. But the virus, it is still out there. So have all the fun while you can, capture it on your ActionCam and share them with us on Social Media.

If you prefer to stay at home for longer just to be safer then we definitely feel you. Do try and capture some ‘home-made’ content like the ideas we suggested above, we’re always eager and happy to share such content.

At the end of the day though, whatever you choose to do- just stay hydrated, stay sanitized, wear a mask and stay safe!

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