ThiEYE i60+ Dual Slot Battery Charger


ThiEYE i60+ Dual Slot Battery Charger

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Product Description

The dual battery charger can quickly charge two Li-on batteries simultaneously and won’t affect your shooting process. No more worry about how much the battery capacity remains to be used.

Compatible with ThiEYE Action Cam i60 / i30


· Quickly charges two Li-on batteries simultaneously
· The smart LED lights will indicate red when charging and turn green when charging is complete
· Can be charged with most standard Micro USB power adapters, such as a PC or wall adapter.
· Help charge your spare battery and won’t affect your shooting process

What’s Included

Dual Battery Charger


· To prevent it from fire or moisture.
· To reduce the risk of electronic shock.
· Do not disassemble unit.

Additional Information

Weight 80 g


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