Feiyu Tech Summon +

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Feiyu Tech Summon +

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av-94. In stock 140 x 30 x 180 mm 1200 g / . / / .

Product Description

Summon+ is a controllable all-in-one camera with 3-axis stabilization function. It has simple and elegant structure and is easy to operate, the photographing and shooting are controllable so as to take stable HD videos and pictures. It has realized some functions including fixed point shooting, following shooting and time-lapse photography.



Additional Information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 140 x 30 x 180 mm

ActionCams Verdict

Oggy F's Verdict

“Cleverly coined as the osmo killer, this is one of the (if not the) smallest handheld gimballs available. Easy to pack and easier to use. I’m impressed by the amount of adjustments you can make to the videos and pictures through the  FYcam app. Perfect for vloggers.”- Oggy F


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